Is there something in the water? I’ve received more autograph requests this week than during my whole career. No complaints! I’m flattered! And happy to oblige. But I’m curious as to why the sudden interest… Anybody have any clues?

(For anyone who would like an autograph, please send a self-addressed, stamped envelope big enough for an 8×10 photo to me c/o AVO Talent. The address is on my contact page.)

AT&T and Top Secret Project

Recorded a handful of new spots with the fabulous folks at Idea City for the fabulous  folks at AT&T.

Then on to a top-secret session for a new game.   (By the time I can share what the game is, I’ve usually forgotten that I did it.  Thank heavens for IMDB!)

Naruto: Shippuden!

Nice to be back to work on NARUTO: SHIPPUDEN!